Intelligent Small Business Marketing: Mastering the Art of Smart Promotion


Feeling the impact of company downsizing and considering entrepreneurship? Or, looking for creative ways to promote your new or existing business? Your answer is here! Presenting “Intelligent Small Business Marketing: Mastering the Art of Strategic Promotion.” This is not just another ordinary eBook; it’s your guide to success in uncertain times.  Uncover the tactics that will differentiate your business in a competitive market.

From smart social media strategies to effective branding techniques, this book is packed with practical advice to propel your business ahead.  And the best part? Each tactic is supported by top-notch ChatGPT suggestions, ensuring customized solutions for your specific business.  Don’t let layoffs or slow business hinder your ambition! Seize the chance to create something exceptional. Invest in your future now with “Intelligent Small Business Marketing.”

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