PPC Advertising Campaigns

Managing PPC campaigns can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating. You never know if you're targeting the right keywords, or if your ads are even being seen by the right people. And what's worse, is that most of the time you don't see any results from all your hard work.

We are different. In fact, we have a proven track record of helping businesses just like yours increase their leads and sales through our expert PPC campaigns. We'll work with you to create a campaign that fits within your budget and helps you reach your goals.

Key Formula

When you work with the experts at our agency, we’ll help create a plan that's tailored just for your business. We have experience running advertising campaigns on Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, and Tiktok to generate both leads and revenue - let us know how much money is right now not lost but rather wasted by competitors who don't take into account what really matters: YOU!

Key Process

We take the guesswork out of marketing by providing you with clear insight into what your customers want. With our surveys, we find out why they buy and how best to communicate this information through pricing, packaging, or offers that will generate leads for sales, allowing companies like yours access to their potential customer base at every level!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PPC Ads work?

PPC ads allow you to place targeted ads in strategic locations on SERPs, targeting customers who show interest for your products and services. When someone clicks on one of these advertisements that link back directly or indirectly with their website, then both parties are credited by Google at no cost whatsoever! Ads can also link out via custom landing pages--which let people explore what else is available beyond just advertising alone. Social Media profiles, lead magnets, and other links may be used for lead generation strategies.

What do different types of digital ads look like?

There's many paid marketing campaigns across a wide range of advertising channels, which include: Search Network - Old school, keyword-driven search network campaigns. YouTube Ads - Bumper or In-Stream ads on YouTube Across the internet. Usually linked to Google Accounts. Social Media Ads - Image and Video content on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Re-Marketing Ads - Intelligent re-marketing campaigns that targets previous website visitors. Display Ads - Image based advertising across the Google/Bing Networks, Billboards, etc.

I have tried PPC Advertising and the service did not work. Should I try the service again?

We have heard this question many times before. If you tried PPC and it didn't work, there's a chance that your past or current campaigns aren’t set up correctly. Perhaps the keywords or structure is off from what would be best for success? We can analyze data from previous campaigns to help identify any problems with how they were run so as not to repeat those mistakes in the future!

How long will it take to see results?

When your campaign is ready, it will go through a review process. Once passed, you can start driving traffic and we'll be able to tell within the first week whether or not our work was successful!

What would I need to pay for search engine ads?

PPC advertising gives you the best chance of driving traffic to your website instantly. Organic search can take some time and is a long-term strategy, so if quick results are what we're after then paying for an ad through PPC will achieve this quicker than any other option out there!

Do I get monthly reports? What's included in the reports?

Yes! We provide monthly reports on the activity of your campaign, which include data such as clicks and costs. We can tailor this report to give you specific insight into what matters most for business success so that we're able deliver a service tailored just right!

How will search engines rank my ads?

Your ad will rank higher on the search results page when it has a high click-through rate and plenty of experience in Google AdWords or Bing Ads. The primary factors are your bid, which determines how much you're willing to spend per click; quality score that judges relevance based off various other metrics like past performance history for keywords associated with yours (among others) and tenure - either numberof days currently available before they run out completely dependingon whether its proactively enabled.

What if I wanted to get started today?

You can either contact us or book a discovery meeting to find out how we can help grow and scale your business! We'll discuss which plan is perfect for you and then we will go over the details. We recommend that you complete a PPC Campaigns Questionnaire which helps us share insights and best practices in order to create an effective plan together that suits our company needs!

Ready to Grow and Scale?

Ready to spend your advertising budget on a proven, data-driven strategy that will deliver the biggest return for you? We can help. We have experts available at any time, happy to answer all questions!