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Deliver Impressive Results.

When it comes to digital marketing, we deliver the results! Our team is always creative and innovative, coming up with new ways to connect brands with their target audience.  It’s what differentiate us apart from other agencies!

We are on a mission to give your business or individual the best possible online experience. We bring together strategy, execution, creative ideas, and customer service so that you can have successful digital products tailored specifically with their needs in mind which means we deliver results each time!

We Are Creative, Digital & Consultant Agency for Your Excellent Business.

We provide creative solutions to B2B and B2C clients. The agency partners with personal and business clients that wish to engage in the marketing of their brand, but need some guidance getting started and developing the right approach. 

  • Digital Branding
    Digital Branding
  • Marketing Strategy
    Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile App Development
    Mobile App Development
  • Website Building
    Website Building
  • Management Strategy
    Management Strategy

Our Mission

We strive for brands to achieve service excellence and attain new heights by providing an array of innovative solutions for an impressive digital experience.

Great Vision

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Authentic Idea Sharing

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Awesome Team

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Target-Based Approach

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Our Expertise

Every member of our team are experts in our respective fields, plus they are also cross-trained in other departments.  We  constantly research and test new techniques and we do our best to let our clients know about them. After all, if your site is doing well, then you’ll be compelled to say nice things about us, and that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.

Our Culture

What separates us from other agencies is that we are consultants and marketers first, designers and developers second. When we design your website, brand identity, or market your business online, we focus on what will shift your target audience to help create conversions, increase leads, grow your business, and make you more money. 

Our Capabilities

We are confident in our skill capabilities to provide the best customer service and high quality work.

Brand Strategy
Idea Sharing and Collaboration
Website Design and Development
Marketing Strategy
Keyword Research
Mobile App Strategy and Development

Our Process

Successful projects are a result of realistic timelines and eagerness to hit those deadlines.  We are strict about making the process smooth and adhering to milestone dates.  We maintain transparency during the web design project journey and will address any issue or delays along the way. We want a successful, timely launch just as much as you do!

The Discovery

Once a client contacts us for a specific project, we setup a virtual meeting or phone conference to gather more information about their business, their goals, and what they envision for a brand.

Industry Research

We take time to immerse myself into the industry of our client’s company. We want to see what their competitors’ brands look like and the marketing channels they use.


After information has been gathered from our clients, we began a brainstorm design session. On paper, we free draw or free write to get ideas on paper, whether they are crazy and abstract, or more traditional. We play around with shapes or images and write down descriptive words to help define the theme of the design. Once we have a solid creative direction, we're then able to take a couple of concepts and start the design!

Design and Development

We'll take sketch concepts, colors, wireframes, etc. and transfer them to the computer by drawing or tracing. I like to play with different shapes, gradients and images to find what works best. Then, I select various fonts that match with the design and the theme. I usually start the design in black and white and play with colors at the end. If the logo doesn’t work in black and white, it won’t work in color!

Present the Work!

We save the designs created, number them for easy reference, and send to client for review. If client approves, we then move to the next step. If the client request revisions, we will make edits, combine, alter, adjust, and resend a revised design.

Launch & Celebrate!

The project is approved! This is the time to implement the final brand on all marketing materials. Most often, I will work with the client to create business cards, stationery, social media artwork, web artwork, signage, and even a refreshed website to reflect the new brand.

Meet Michael Fagin

Owner & Dope Web Designer!


I am Michael Fagin, the founder of MFJ Creative Studios! While pursuing a computer science degree, I developed a niche for Web Development. I started working as a freelance web designer and built websites for a local church and a cable manufacturing firm. During this time, I also launched a portfolio-style website and put up to 3 websites that I developed for family and friends.  Overtime, people started noticing my work.  They liked the quality of the designs and referred me to others, which led to more projects. Although, I had no experience in running a business, I made a decision to start MFJ Creative Studios in 2017.

I developed new skills in graphic design, digital marketing, and SEO, and got my official company website ranked on the first page of Google. By learning these skills, I offered them as services to clients. What I knew perfectly, was that I love modern digital design, and is very passionate about it. By starting MFJ Creative Studios, I wanted my clients to have that same modern and professional online presence. Fast forward to today, we are a growing team of 6 people and have worked on over 100 projects, and are one of the leading web design agencies in Central Alabama.

Professional Qualifications

I received my Master of Engineering (MEng.) degree in Information Engineering and Management from the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Graduate School of Engineering (2018) and a B.S. degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Miles College (2016).

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