Five Great Tips for Local SEO Marketing

If your business has an online store or physical location and you expect customers to visit you, you need to invest in Local SEO, but what is Local SEO? What are the most influencing factors? How can we influence SEO best practices?

Local SEO?
Sometimes people look for information about your company, they know the name, but they need a phone number or the address. Other times, people search for a specific service or type of business without specifying a particular company. To satisfy these searches, Google will display three possible results, a corporate website, a Google+ Local profile, or a listing in a directory.  With local SEO, we increase the chances of appearing on Google. 

Below are five great tips for Local SEO Marketing:

1. Creating Google My Business Listing.
The Google My Business profile is essential to position yourself with Local SEO. The first task in an SEO strategy of this type is to review and complete the information in the profile as much as possible.  Whenever a customer finds the business through Maps, the My Business Card is displayed, so it is necessary to have as much information as possible.  The profile should be attractive, so use all the options that Google offers (menu, schedules, reservations, add photos and videos)

To complete the profile 100%, you must verify the account. This is done by entering a code that Google sends by post to the physical address.

2. Manage Criticism and Reviews.
Most customers, when conducting a local search, are guided by reviews and user comments.  Also, for the person in charge’s responses, you must take great care of the answers, even to the worst criticisms.  The quantity and quality of reviews and comments will be a decisive factor in attracting customers to a business. There are many ways for customers to leave a comment.

You can add a text in the signature of your emails, use certain SMS text features such as WhatsApp, or have posters on the premises or a small text at the end of the letter inviting customers to leave their comment.  Here’s a plus! Offer discounts to customers that offer to give a video testimonials of a product or service received.  This helps to add video content to your website, blog, or even landing pages.

3. Create Local Content and Keywords.
Google seeks to offer the best search experience.  This effort tries to find personalized results focused on searches, user tastes, and their search intentions.

If appropriate for your business model, pay particular attention to photos, posts, and comments, as Google reviews this content and displays it on result cards and carousels. As local keywords are usually self-explanatory, it’s recommended that businesses but you should still research longer tail local keywords for your business.

Here’s a great example! If your business is an HVAC company in Dallas-Fort Worth, you’ll want to compare search volumes for different variations of search terms such as “hvac, Dallas-Fort Worth,” “hvac, DFW.”  You may also want to drill down into hyper-local keywords, such as “hvac services, Dallas Fort-Worth.”

4. Mentions and Business Directories.
Mentions make your data appear, even if it is on a third-party website, either when you search for a specific product or service and Google shows us a business directory.  These mentions are also important because they count when it comes to positioning your business in search engines. Google will observe the number of mentions you have on third-party websites.

5. Making Great Analysis.
Local searches are precise and vary depending on the context. Each company is a world with its own needs and virtues.  Although many local SEO tips can be applied to every business, no assumptions should be made. What works for one business may not work for another. It is necessary to do an analysis of the strategies and test the changes first hand.

For customers to find the business at the right time, the business must position itself with the information that is being sought. It is necessary to prioritize all aspects of content as part of SEO, to improve search capacity. Considering these online marketing factors, you will appear more times in search results, and this strategy helps potential clients find your business easily.

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